Smart Vehicle Repairs is one of the leading workshops that carry our logbook servicing. Located in Bayswater, we cover most of the eastern suburbs in Melbourne. We can even offer you free Local Uber pickup and dropoff.

In order to maintain the factory warranty, manufacturers require certain tasks to be performed. Furthermore, the parts should meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. We only use Genuine parts when carrying out your Logbook service.

In addition to preserving your factory warranty, it will make sure that your car is running as it should. Your vehicle deserves to be used to its fullest extent throughout its life span. It’s true, your car also has feelings!


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Our flexible payment options ensure that you will not miss a logbook service

We will review your car service logbook and perform a service exactly as the manufacturer suggests so that you can maintain the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. Once our expert mechanics have completed a series of tests and inspections, your logbook will be officially signed and stamped so that the logbook maintenance will be recorded. Our professionals will stay in touch with you every step of the way, so you’ll never be surprised by the final invoice. Several payment options are available to you, including AfterPay and OpenPay. We can even send a secure link to your mobile phone for credit card payments, making the process extremely convenient for you.

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Do I lose my warranty if I have Smart Vehicle Repairs service my vehicle?

To retain your factory warranty, you do not have to get your car serviced at the dealership. Here at Smart Vehicle Repairs, our mechanics are fully licensed and qualified to provide services that are consistent with the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty. In accordance with the ACCC’s consumer protection guarantee, logbook servicing at Smart Vehicle Repairs does not void the service warranty for your car. In case there are any special terms relating to extended warranties, it is advisable that you are to review them.

How much will a logbook service cost?

A logbook service is typically priced according to the type of vehicle you drive, the distance you have travelled, and the age of the vehicle. Get in contact for a logbook service quote.

What is a Logbook service?

In reality, the majority of automotive manufacturers provide recommendations regarding the regular maintenance and servicing of their vehicles, otherwise known as a logbook service. As part of the log book service, your car undergoes tests, inspections, and maintenance duties, which must be performed at regular intervals, such as upon reaching a set date or doing a specified distance of driving.

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